Thursday, February 5, 2009

Georgia Straight reports on Public Meeting

Matt Burrows of the Georgia Straight reports on last Saturday's public meeting regarding the two lane trial.

Two Lane Bridge Trial Finds Support

There is no better time for letters of support to local politicians and the media. Please, if you have fifteen minutes, send them a short, polite note indicating you'd like to see the trial go ahead. If you are unsure what to say, check out the FAQ (first entry on this blog) to see which reasons for the trial resonate for you. You can use our next blog entry as a guide to the tone and substance you might want to consider. It's a letter of support written by Friends of The Burrard Bridge member Chris Keam and sent to Vancouver Council and cc'ed to the provincial MLAs who represent ridings surrounding the bridge. (Spencer Herbert, Gordon Campbell, and Jenn McGinn

And if you can, please let us know what you wrote too. Copy your letter to the comments section of this blog. Harnessing the power of collaboration will be the secret to making the Burrard Bridge two lane trial a success. Share your voice and make us stronger!

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